Here I will publish some walking descriptions, links or even only GPS-tracks which are not contained in this form in my guide
GPS-data for these walks are available under http://ucke.de/christian/naxos/GPS-data/GPS-English.htm.
In the German section there are more walks from me, which are not yet translated.

Walking through Naxos description of a walk through whole Naxos in five stages (English, German, Greek)
                      for the first three walks there are available here without further description or pictures kml-data (for Google-Earth)

A detailed description of 25 walks (walks around the whole island; English; French, Dutch)

Naxos Azalas (German, English, Greek) you can rent nice cottages at the east coast of Naxos; additionally much information in the weblogs, also many walking routes, recommendable

Zeus-Peak   (Agía Marína - Zeus-Peak - Zeus Cave - Filóti; pdf-file 900kB)
                        with a map of the Cycladic islands

A detailed description of two walks (A walk around Moní; Ascent up to Mount Zás; www.greekbackpack.com; English)

Walking-Plus guided walks (English)

Naxos Walks and Photos short descriptions of six walks (English)

Route 1 from the Walking Guide 'Central Naxos'  (description see the Walking Guide 'Central Naxos', Naxos 2001; here is available only the GPS-track from Route 1: Filóti - Damarriónas - Damalás - Damarriónas - Keramí - Filóti; trk-file 27kB)


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